Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bringing December in June....

Todays artist, is one that became famous by winning a contest. The contest was pretty famous and actually took place on tv. It was one of those, text in and pick your favourite. IT had a real douchebag that was a jerk, a washed up 80's singer who could dance and the whitest black guy since Jaleel White..No pun on his name, just Urkel was really not that black. After the show she released a musical with one of the contestants, I am proud to say i have actually seen it, and boy is it fantastic...The artist is Clearly Kelly Clarkson!!!

Now if you have been reading reports lately, Kelly and Music Legend Clive Davis have been not too chummy. Clive seems to think this album is goin to be horrendous, in fact he offered to pay her to let him choose 4 or 5 songs for her to sing, in replace of some. After so much drama, she canceled her Summer Tour due to poor ticket sales. The album is entitled My December!!!

Now lets see what all hub bub is all about. To be honest the songs are similar to her previous releases, and I frankly find they have a lot of energy missing in todays female pop stars. I will admit some songs are kind dumpy and nothing spectacular but there are some songs that really grab your attention. Kelly claims to have wrote or co-wrote all songs on the album, that said kudos to her, these aren't the most cookie cuter pop songs much like "Girlfriend" by Avril. I thought about it long and hard and noticed that Clive probably wanted Kelly to be like Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan, and frankly I for one am pleased she did her own thing. The album has one thing you gotta love, CHORD PROGRESSION, It actually is laid out like a normal rock song, without being repetitive. I mean the songs has actual instruments, and her voice is showcased quiet well, so I must say the album is good. In fact if you liked her old stuff, i guarantee you will like this one. Its just a shame nothing comes close to "Since You Been Gone".
My Review: 6.5/10
If you like this style 7.7/10
If you hate this style 3/10

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