Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I feel Insulted, but I can still try to roll with my Homies

So today's review is of an artist that makes hits for the underground much like Arctic Monkeys. Almost every album he releases gets instant critical fame. He is the medieval 50 cent in a sense as oppose to being shot 9 times he got stabbed 5 times...I think thats a tad bit more bad ass. What can you expect from Brits....
The Artist is Dizzee Rascal!!!

After Boy In Da Corner got universal critical acclaim by both mainstream and underground critics it was assumed he would be a force. Being seen for his constant commentary on the social situation in the inner city of England, it is also pleasing to see his insertion of humour into the songs. He released his second album Showtime in 2004 which didn't do as well as Boy In Da Corner but it still did very good on any standards. This is his third album entitled Maths And English!!!

His style is claimed to be hip hop and grime, for most of you this will make little sense, so let me break it down. Take reggae sounding voice, insert british accent add break beats and boom You got Grime. The album is a High-speed break your neck kind flow, constantly flowing to a point where you dont know when it ends and when it starts. The aggressive style of Dizzee constantly makes me feel so out of it and wish i was more gangsta so i could keep up with him, unfortunately as he states I ain't no G. The whole album is a bunch of insulting tracks like Pussyhole and Suk My Dick, that said if you met me, you know i am not even close to being ghetto. However this is an album that makes you just wanna dance whether its breaking or crumping you just feel the vibes the whole album. I did enjoy the album and i think the guest spot by Lily Allen was sugar sweet with a punch to it. Compared to his last two this isn't as good, but this is an album I feel he tried to do some new things, with that in mind its a solid disc for fans of hip hop and rap. A must check if you want something new to vibe to and work on your break moves.

MY Review 7.6/10
You like this style 8.5/10 (His other stuff is better)
You hate this style 3/10

In my life exam today can go either way so send prayers, i am stoked to go out tho today so that said nothing to report on, hopefully there is tomorrow! Take care

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