Friday, June 29, 2007

No foul here

Today's band is one that exploded quiet randomly, but then went back into lesser notorieties, now they are goin back at it. The main thing that made them huge, atleast within the punk scene was the use of the Violin. They have done performances at the MTV movie awards to the Pepsi Smash so lets just say they have a few televisions appearances under their belt. The band is YELLOWCARD!!!!

This is a band i have a some history with, I saw them live at warped tour, with only 30 people in the crowd, the next time i say them the show was Sold out. Now Lights And Sound, was their last album and didn't meet the expectations that were reached by the previous discs. Also, the letting go of their guitarist Ben Harper, was most peculiar, and made fans really question Ryan Keys reasoning, but again none of us are in the band to judge. Their new album is Paper Walls!!!

This album has a lot more of their old sound, the thing that made them better known. I absolutely missed it, and frankly i struggled with the idea of getting the album, i almost didn't do it, but I heard it sounds like old school Yellowcard, and that i would like it. You got stronger riffs, with catchier hooks. with pop-punk there are two ways it goes, it is either beyond simplistic making it just pointless much like Simple Plan, or it is super catchy and has a killer hook like Blink-182 (which is still simple) or Yellowcard. I think this CD is one you would buy and enjoy quite a bit just because of how addictive some songs are. Lyrically its on par with most pop-punk but a lot better than Bowling For Soup, The Singer Ryan Keys has a vocal sound that has a very noticeable presence, The Violin as always is there just giving the perfect add and high pitch sound that no guitar will be able to reach. Solid album for fans of Pop-Punk who want something catchy.

My Review:7.6/10
If you like this style 9.4/10
You Hate This Style 4.5/10

So far Canada has been amazing, and its great to be back, I had a sick time playing some delirium. Thanks to everyone making this a Stellar Week, I tried to post its just gets kinda hard when you like avoiding your computer.

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