Friday, June 8, 2007

When Anthem Rock happens to Good Bands

Todays band was one that I used to like. They came out and started beefing fellow labelmates The Killers. They were being hailed as the next big thing, with their catchy as hell synth-rock disco pop indie rock sound, it was hard for them not to stick to attract fanns, i mean you got 4 or so different styles intertwined. The band is called

The band grew a lot of fame, in a short time. This is due to awesome music videos and creative styles. The were marketable on any stand point, a publicists dream by any account. With Brandon Flowers insulting you, and you insulting him could magazines like NME not soak that up. Now that their name is established they must go on to do the awfully crucial task of a sophomore album. The album is entitled
The Sun and The Moon!!!!

The band felt for their new album they needed to do something new, something fresh...Arena rock!! unfortunately that sound is something EVERY BAND is doing, and every band is FAILING at. It is beyond an annoying sound right now, but dont worry they still kept a bit of their old style. The music, is redundant and at times annoying to be honest. The Production is overly done, and takes away their old rustic sound and the Lyrics well they are nothing to brag about. I really think this album is easily forgettable, and not really anything special. You might like it if you were a Huge Bravery fan, but if you were on the Fence much like me, you will be happy to know this is not an album worth to check out. I really must say this is a disappointment due to the fact this band was being hailed as the next big thing, and something to look out for. They unfortunately got hit by the sophomore curse...

My Review 3/10
If you like this style 7/10
If you hate this style 1/10

So I got asked how my rating system works so let me explain
0 Celine Dion's Greatest hits

1 maybe a song i can almost deal with

2 something offered that i can tolerate

3 Annoying

4 Potential for the hmm i haven't heard this in a while, maybe i will check it out.

5 Junk, 5 means maybe a couple of songs will stick and downward.

6 means it wasn't that bad just not gonna be repeated much, so almost a meh album if you will

7 means its an album worth checkin out

8 a solid disc, some faults but overall strong showing

9 A definent buy

10 A new album that will become a solid member of your top played list!

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