Monday, June 25, 2007

Mitch cures what Ails you

Ok so i am done, ready to go almost, but i got some shit to buy and junk like that, I have a review i so far have begun writing 2-3 times, but in all honesty this is a HUGE album, so I wanna really get to the Core of the album, with my 11 hour flight i feel after i will be able to fully comment on it. None the less, some of you probably thought i abandoned this thing, but I just had a PACKED couple of days, I came across some videos of one of my favourite Stand Up Comedians, Mitch Hedberg(Rip). He delivers one liners in a way I am yet to see any other comedian do. If he takes don't worry 2 seconds later he has another one,it's as if he has a machine gun of jokes that are constantly hitting you. Without Further delay I give you Mitch Hedberg On David Letterman!

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