Sunday, June 3, 2007

Underclass Music

There are bands that sometimes have an album that would be just terrific, then the follow up blow, only to come back with another hit. Pop-punk is a style of music i like a lot, it has developed i watched it get put together by Green Day with Dookie, and i watched it fall apart by Simple Plan. The fact remains the same there are good bands that do this style, bands that find ways to make it elegantly unique. Blink-182, Green Day and The Offspring. These bands led the way for New Found Glory and Sum 41 to become the leading faces of Pop-Punk in their early 2000's. Now-a-days the bands that control Pop Punk are Fall Out Boy, The All-American Rejects and Panic! At The Disco. Now New Found Glory has kinda re-invented themselves into a completely different sound leaving Sum 41 as the main leftover of the 2000's Pop Punks, now that Blink is Dysfunc and Green Day is the new U2.

Sum 41 emerged with the big hit "Fat Lip" from their sophomore album "All Killer No Filler". I used to love this band, then they released "What we're all about" that song really got me annoyed. Overall their album "Does This Look Infected" was probably the most annoying album i had to listen to. I panned them as a band and pretty much would neglect anything they did. Eventually they released Chuck and the singles off that album were actually good. "Pieces" was a song that i felt grew on me, and kinda made me feel their is hope for this band after all. When I heard they have a new single, I said i would listen to it and give it a shot....That was my mistake!
The Song Is Underclass Heroes, and it sounds like something a 10 years old who is learning how to write a song. The claim this is their most political song on the album. I didn't even notice this was a political song at all. I mean the lyrics are bad enough but then they go off and rip off Green Day with the whole megaphone part saying, "I pledge Allegiance...". The song begs comparison to Fat Lip, even the style of the video. I mean honestly if there was something i liked about them before was their guitar solos by Dave, now that he is gone....well there goes the good factor. I feel had this song come out a while ago like back in the day, it would have been a bit better. As i said however, the style is evolving new instrumentation is being added to avoid just plain Guitar and drums. The song is catchy....but in the same way an Avril Song is catchy...its not a good thing. All in all God awful Song

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