Friday, June 22, 2007

Britney Spears, supplies laughs as she wishes we took her seriously!

Wow, so in one week I had my first two guest writers. It was actually awesome to see, this site is takin off, i don't care about viewership or any of that, because i know i have people that are constantly checking. That right there is key. I have days with 6 viewers i had others with 36 viewers. At the end of the day, the best thing to see is people ask if they can put shit up on this site. Honestly all the feedback about the guest writers have been positive, so ya if you guys want to put shit up just ask.

So today i really wanted to rant about something bothering me. Not sure if you heard or not but Britney Spears decided to ask her fans to help her name her album. Some of the suggestions were as followed:
-Omg Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like
-What If The Joke Is On You
-Down Boy

Now here is my problem, I don't know if she is serious or not. Personally, i am not gonna mock her goin insane, and pointless Rehab stint, because i don't know her, I dont know what she is like and why she is not sane right now. However, The cd is actually something i might have to review, so i am goin to take this apart. First one "OMG is like lindsay lohan like okay like", you know Dave Chappelle could say this, and I still wouldn't laugh. I mean she's gotta realize this upcoming CD is her last chance to come back, after that SHITTY 15 minute tour where she lip synced the whole thing....
What is the Joke Is On You, You know this is true, we all can laugh at her but she's got more money than any of us, but i have more dignity and hair...
Down Boy, Suck it K-Fed.
Integrity not bad if it was on anyone else album that didn't attack people with an umbrella.
Dignity, This whole blog attacks that.

Overall E True Hollywood story for this pop star will be so Delicious...

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