Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Vent About the State of Music

Lately I have been watching a lot of television, which is alright I mean its there, and something to sit and zone out to..that's what i use it for, how bout you?
Anyways I been watching some shows and noticed the increasing use of "indie" band musics in shows and scenes that the song really has no application to. At first i was like whatever its only the OC, then it was like O its just One Tree Hill, now its every show on tv. Here is my problem, bands are now "releasing" their singles via shows sub-conscientiously Making millions of viewers listen to their song, and make people "like it" because the scene it was in. This tactic was used by U2 to make people really think Vertigo was a good song. They had the producers of the OC due to its popularity at the time play their music in an episode simply to get more listeners. Now i grew up loving old school TV Themes like Fresh Prince, Happy Days and Saved By The Bell. Theme Songs on a whole are not the same now, now their some bands song that somewhat has the concept of the show encompassed in the song. It's lame, your show is not Cooler just because you have a hip band on it. It got really annoying when shows started having them perform on their show and some how write it into the script. for example:
Douchebag Guy: Hey man, Crank up the tunes.
DG: Totally, so much cooler than N'Sync.
End Scene.
The relevance here is that was pretty much stolen straight from a show i saw. It was people in car and the girl said she loves punk, note this was when punk was in. The guy says she probably like that fake punk she responds no i like the misfits...Baadassss......
Seriously i dont listen to music so others think i am cool because i am listenin to certain bands. It's annoying how tv shows now tell us what to wear, how to act, how to talk and what to listen to.
There are times when the song helps, The Fray's "how to save a Life" on Scrubs was almost perfect, Grey's anatomy then used it for the same thing...but whose counting. These are things i see and i go you know what, that helps, but when its in a middle of an episode and i almost have to stop watching the episode and listen to a song with cheesy ass Slideshow of events unfold to the sounds of whatever CD comes out next, it just bothers me.
I use the Oc because i feel on a whole they really over did it the most, them and Grey's i would say are good ones, Scrubs does it too a lot but on a whole the last two atleast pick appropriate songs. Hell even CSI does it now, seriously folks am i crazy here, or do we all miss the stupid bass lines and cheesy piano arrangements that helped more than having Dashboard Confessionals.
Honestly when used right it works, but on a whole it usually just sounds lame and doesn't help a scene.
The other thing bothering me overall is Britney Spears does this 15 min comeback tour and everyone knows she is lip-syncing, but she couldn't even do the common courtesy to not chew gum and actually act like she is doin it, its absolutely mind blowing, that we allow people shit down our necks and pay them for it. I am happy to see more "pop" musicians actually sing like Amy Winehouse. The future is bright..lets hope?

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