Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I dont like this guy

Ya today's artist's CD came out a good while ago, i know its a long overdue but this site has been around for how long, so i am gonna do this because i feel i need to kill the Hype machine for this fella. He sounds like Freddy Mercury but one thing needs to be clear this isn't Queen and never will be. The artist in question is Mika!
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Now i support arabs being popular, so i was happy to hear he is Lebanese. To say this guy blew up was no surprise to anyone who was paying attention to word of mouth Via The Internet. Perez Hilton would talk nicely about this guy, ya i know when does he do that. His Cd is entitled Life In Cartoon Motion!
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So i got the cd with knowing nothing on him simply for two reasons Number one on Itunes means you gotta be good and the cover/title seemed awesome enough for my attention. I was sadly disappointed, so much so that i couldn't finish it and it has takin me forever to get through the disc. I mean yay he has a high pitch voice like Freddy Mercury but does that mean just because i like Queen i gotta like this? Heck no this is not something i find at all to be remotely good. Positives of the cd i do like some of his musical Arrangements i wont lie its catchy gets in the old membrane and sticks, its positive music and thankfully he doesn't sing about want to have my babies...ya that freaks me out. I mean this is good pop music, but its almost annoying at times, i just can't really take it. I loved sweet as sugar music i mean i still listen to "Get Down" by B4-4 but this is just kinda like unbearable at times.
Put it this way i did the same with mika that i did with James Blunt, both time i was disappointed, James Blunt was Way too much for me to handle, Mika is just over the top soon a whole i understand why some people will like this album, there is some songs that will get in your head and not annoy you, but unfortunately for me i am not a fan. if you are, sorry if we differ but i mean sorry its not something i can handle.
My Review 3/10 some arrangements i like, some songs are ok, Voice is annoying after 3 minutes.
You like this 8.3/10 it seems to be big with people who like it
You hate this 0/10 well probably 3/10 i mean i clearly am not a fan.
PS The Darkness sound like Queen and kick ass, so don't put this band on that scale!
Life Update:
Exam went well, i think i might have pulled it off, tomorrow's is gonna be hard as hell so send some good wishes and all that junk , i gotta go study but i promised a blog and here it is. Also sorry for reviewin an old cd i had to make my opinion clear.
Also Mad Props to people around the world that have been checkin this out its been great so thanks a million to you all, if you liked wat you read come back tomorrow or spread the word. either way thanks for checkin this out.
Also Playlist been updated! so check out the new songs on their.


Kelly said...

I actually really like your reviews, I think they're really accurate.

Sadly, they are also impossible to read. Sorry, but you need to get some grammar, or something. It's called punctuation.

Ramitron 5000 said...

thanks for liking them, i will admit tho the last couple i been doin really fast because i am in the middle of Exams and do them in my breaks, so i dont have time to proof read as much in fact i am not sure how this past one looks really bc i didnt have time to review the code, but for the most part i think that was positives, hope you come back for more