Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some Swede Music...

God dag, Mitt namn är Rams! That's swedish for good day, my name is Rams. Why with all the swedishness, no its not because my love for swedish berries has changed me. Nope its not because (insert stupid swede stereotype here). It's because todays band I get to review, THAT'S RIGHT I AM BACK WITH A REVIEW! didn't you miss it. Atleast you got a Kanye track to vibe too, be happy you greedy people that i love, that's right L-O-L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E...O Ashlee Simpson.
Anyways Today's band is hailing from the country of Sweden, Stockholm if you wanna be specific. I first heard of them a while back from my brother. I kinda just forgot about them, if you don't speak english your not on my to listen to list. After a while i finally did and i am glad to say the band i chose to review today is none other than:

This is all the mastermind of Gustav Ejstes, HE plays most of the instruments on the album, but does have a live band. Not gonna bullshit, I really know very little if you wanna learn more about them go to wikipedia, All i can tell you is they are on many indie labels to distribute their CD internationally. There New Album is called:
Tio Bitar!!!

Tio Bitar means "ten pieces" in English has a Psychedelic-indie rock sound. How can i say this, think the Pink Floyd in the early stages when Syd Barrett was in, rough guitar solos and all meets The doors/The Beatles in late stages. The music holds up on its own, it carries itself to be honest. The whole cd flows like one whimsical feel. To really enjoy this album, i recommend just starting from the intro and just putting on your speakers lay back and just enjoy. I found the experience almost mind blowing to be frank. I found i never knew where the song was goin but at the same time the songs eventually just restore itself. Consider it Lego of music, starts off someway, dismembers itself and then builds itself back up again. I found the album highly enjoyable, but it does get annoying when don't know what their saying. Its one of the things that bothered me. I guess that's me being fecal. This is a must check out, simply for the experience!

MY Review 7.7/10
You like this style 9.4/10 if you speak swedish 9.5/10
you hate this style 0/10 You will not like this at all

So today's exam came out huge for me, i thought i was gonna get screwed and I might have nailed it, There is a god.
So i haven't blogged about myself so today i will do FUN FACTS:

Best Halloween Costume:
When i was other a Sheikh or Punk Rocker with clip on Skull earings and neon spiked spray hair, i was like 3.

Favourite Cartoon Character:
Currently Zapp Brannigan is, wanna know why with lines like this " find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies." Just ridiculous funny lines of a "womanizer". Gotta love Zapp, him and Kif are the best duo ever to watch.

Last DVD Bought:
Futurama Season 3, can't you tell.

Last Purchase:
3 Power House Energy drinks...That's how you roll for an exam.

Favourite Kid Show:
Probably FLinstones, i think that was classic or Scooby Doo, old school Scoobs.

Favourite kid movie:
Mighty Ducks

Game i am best at:
Tony Hawk PRo Skater 4

Do i Plan on makin this site bigger:
In due time, its a goal of mine, but priorities are first, and for that i must focus on school work.

Would i accept the ideas of "guest Writers"
Hell ya, you got a review send it, if i like it, I will publish it.

Will i do local bands:
Its the ultimate goal right now, unfortunately i am in Egypt with no time to really look around, in ottawa i have plans for bands in that scene!

Do you really do this for fun, or is this part of a hidden agenda?
That was a question i was asked. No, this is not a hidden plan to become big or anything, do i want this to spread hell ya. Overall my main goal is to just write daily and review stuff i see for the hell of it.

Why did you call it BopCulture?
Simple in egypt people pronounce Bs as Ps but they pronounce Pop, as Bop. So i loved the sound of it, and yes i know its a music movement, don't worry i am not that dumb.

Pet Peeves?
People that are too clingy, just give me space

Do i have facebook or myspace?
yes both, myspace is on the side, facebook is under rams boraie. I really don't like facebook but i do respond ASAP.

That said there are some fun facts!
take care

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