Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Madness Meets Kwelity

Todays artist is one of the finest MCs in the rap game head to head with one of the most respected underground Producers in the rap game. Both have numerous Side Projects this being one of them and have little commercial success. For the most part they don't need it because with the underground following they have, they have all the reputation popular rappers would kill for. The artist are none other than MadLib and Talib Kweli.

What more can you ask for? Seriously on a musical level you have one of the greatest producers around who has worked with everyone. His effort with MF Doom entitled Madvillain has been Critically acclaimed by every single magazine and website alike, his alias Quasimoto proved he can rap too!
Talib However is a known MC, he has the admiration of fellow rappers and critics alike. Throw the two together and you are sure to get something thats hot on all levels.
The Disc is none other than Liberation.

Released as a free download of Stones Throw's record website at the first week of 2007, just goes to show you that these cats aren't trying to increase their bank accounts but are trying to show appreciation to their fans. The album is now available for purchase and is worth every penny, or pence, or shilling, or magical beans. This album is a must have, you dont like rap buy this album then rethink your stand point. This would not be a rap disc without some guest vocals. The artist that appear are Consequence, Strong Arm Steady, Candice Anderson and Res. Not one of the tracks they are on fail they all, if anything, hit the same mark and keep the flow of the album going strong.
Overall this album has a little of everything solid dance beats on some tracks, solid hip hop beats that would make you nod your head like a dog while waving a piece of steak in front of him. The lyrical lines are clever and well worded unlike 50 cent he knows how to rhyme without using the same words twice or sounding like a hallmark card. All in all 5 seconds into this album you know this is not just an album but an experience.
My review 9.8/10
You like this style 10/10
you dont like this style 8/10 i can see a few tracks not settling well.
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