Thursday, May 10, 2007

Anatomy of a Man

Due to my Anatomy exam i decided i will stay on topic and use a band with a mans name. The band i picked today is a band that you might think you don't know but trust me everyone has heard their song in one place or another. This is the band that made Coldplay what they are, Without this group a lot of the mellow british bands around this day would probably be non-existent. The band is one that I strongly enjoy Travis!!

The biggest hit to really hit the international market would be sing, and for good reason. Sing had lyrics and accompanied music that held up against almost any ballad that exist out there. If you think their mellow sound means they don't party hard, the band almost disbanded thanks to the drummer jumping head first into the shallow end nearly that Nikki Sixx. Their recently released fifth studio album is entitled The Boy With No Name.

This was due to Francis Healy's son bein born with no name for a period of time.
The album just came out this past tuesday and is getting mixed review, but that is to be expected from an album of this style. The album starts with the very calming yet delicately arranged track 3 Times and You Lose. The song leads into the high energy song selfish jean.
The main drawbacks is that their sound hasn't really evolved or changed much, but my question to that is Who cares? i mean if you liked the sound before why wouldn't you want more. At the end of the day this is an album you will like when you want to unwind and take it easy, but it will not be in constant rotation, it lacks the repeatable listening ability of a John Mayer album. The lack of evolution in songs and the fact that this style is now populated by some of the biggest name in the business such as the previously mentioned Coldplay as well as The Fray, Keane and other such bands it makes it a shame that this album will not hold up frankly.
On a whole I enjoyed it, felt it was a good album, but felt that not only has it been done before, but its been done better and there are alternatives as oppose to before.
I recommend this band for fans of the bands above, because you will love this album.
My review 7/10
Your into this style 7.9/10
you hate this style 1/10
Thanks to all you guys comin out to this site, its been great watching it grow, also thanks to people telling your friends that just makes me feel that something i am doin is liked.
Feel free to leave your thoughts or even say how you feel about the site or what not.
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