Friday, May 11, 2007

Academic Music Is...

Today I decided to grab one of the up and coming indie-punk bands that most people will be hearing about from one place or another. They are signed to the label that has brought us such acts as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Cobra Starship. Fueled By Ramen has become a sort of safe haven for pop punk bands who want the exposure that can only come when being good friends with Pete Wentz. The band has a sound that is quite hit or miss, you other love it or hate it. The band is
The Academy Is!!

There are few things that give a band a chip on their shoulder, being on Rolling Stones top ten of bands to watch would be one of them. Also having blender say your album being released is one of their reasons to love 2007 would just further add excitement to the release of their latest effort entitled

The album is noticeably heavier, especially in the guitar rhythms then their last album “Almost Here”. The fact this album was even made is nothing short of a miracle due to William Beckett losing the lyric book on a plane which is documented in the track “LAX To O’Hare”. You wouldn’t notice because the lyrics are actually pretty well written, but again you gotta wonder how the album would have sounded if the book wasn’t lost. None the less the album is something that is a hit for pop-punk/indie fans.
It is no secret that William Beckett has one of the smoothest sounding vocals in the punk game today, but he uses it in a way that doesn’t make every song sound like a border line pop song, much like bands that try to pass off as punk bands such as Hedley, Simple Plan and other awful examples. William’s ability to harmonize in the middle of a punk song gives each song a huge bonus and is actually quite ear candy to the listener; this is evident in Same Blood or the single We’ve Got Big Mess On Our Hands.
The draw backs is that their last album I feel trumps this one. Almost Here was an album I felt needed a lot more attention, it was proof that the future is still bright, with that in mind I found Santi did not meet my expectations on a whole, but the album still did a good job. My overall recommendation is if you’re pressed with an option I would buy their earlier effort of Almost Here than Santi, but not to neglect Santi because it is a good album, just not as good as you would hope.
My Review 7/10
You like this style 9/10 easily!
You hate this style 1/10 you might like the anthem style of Bull in Brooklyn.
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