Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Lets get back into the swing of things with another review! This band is one that I at first really dislike, then liked a lot with a stellar sophomore album. This band has been known for their dirty look, freaky videos and generally psychiatric problems. The band is none other than THE USED!!

Hailing for the music banning city of Salt Lake City, you get a band that represents everything not Mormon. Getting exposure as the guy nailing Kelly Osbourne on the Osbournes I guess must have been annoying. He handled it well. After 2-3 years they released their much anticipated album Lies for the Liars

The drummer Branden Steineckert left at the beginning of recording to go join Rancid, but never fear Dean Butterworth of Good Charlotte filled in for the recording. I tend to love Bert McCracken and the passion in his music, but the lyrics here I wasn't feeling. It was almost too much at times, and left me goin is that actually being said?! for example "Time Kills Just Ask Jesus". I expected more some people will be satisfied I wasn't at all. The music however is still good, in fact it has their usual feel of punk with a little pizazz(I think thats how you spell it!). The Gospel moment in Wake the Dead, is pretty uplifting and actually pretty unique part of the album. I still find that the lyrics really weren't what I was expecting from them and that it was a major let down, but thats also due to my not into Morbid lines. Some i figure will find it poetic, i find it lame. The programing of drums and such other electronic sounds are randomly distributed on the album and are neat but also kind weird. Not their best but also its ok.

My Review 6.5/10
You Like This Style 8/10
You Hate This Style 0/10

Sorry about yesterday's post it was weak i won't like but i had no time and i am committed to this one post per day, I had to. I just didnt have time to review even though i was ready to review The Used album, i just didnt have the time to work on it. Sorry. My Exam went so well, like I thought i was gonna fail but i came out doin alright which is key so if the oral one goes well for this subject I might be Just Fine..... I am takin the night off to relax so if you want me call me I am Free to Talk. Take it easy peeps, ITs been sick seeing this grow, thanks a million to returners and people who referred this site around it means the world to me.

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