Friday, May 18, 2007

Squash the Spider

Wow, so today is my first movie review, lucky you! So the movie is one that got hit by the hype machine since it was announced. To no Surprise, it smashed records and was said to be superb by popular publications Time, Newsweek and USA Today. The movie is obviously Spiderman 3.

Starring Tobey Maguire recurring the role of Peter Parker this movie is supposed to show a darker Spiderman when the “symbiotic” suit attach to him and makes him somewhat evil and vengeful, as the his professor tells him “it makes the host more aggressive.” This in turns our lovely Peter into a darker, shadier person and teaches him how to play the piano all at the same time. Without giving too much away, there are 2 other bad guys the Green Goblin from last one and Sandman who tries to win the audiences heart but really just leaves everyone go “Oh, that was his gimmick, well….why did he destroy all those building and just tell Spiderman that?”
To review this movie I will review it as a movie and not a special effect spectacle which at that was just a total of 30 mins of this 140 mins film. This movie was easily a chick flick, it had all the making a love triangle that turned into two love triangles which never really went anywhere and in the end nothing went down, no real show down just real non-sense. The whole movie kept offering just superb one liner which is necessary in hero movies but these were things like Stan Lee saying “Wow, I guess one man can make a difference.” I recall just sitting there begging the question was there a script or was it improv. Many scenes which I guess were suppose to be uplifting and a sight like when Spiderman flies around the city were quickly killed when he lands in front of a Bright as HELL American Flag, it was just pointless.

For a while in the movie Peter Becomes Emo, when I say emo, I mean UBER Emo. From the hair to the way he walks, and at one point dances…in the middle of the street. Look frankly I Begged for a Spiderman movie with Venom, man I was stoked when I heard, and the adding of sandman had to be a plus for effects…Apparently the company knew that so they didn’t have to write much of a movie and just show short fight scenes and focus on a love story, that no one really cared for. If they titled this movie The Trials and Tribulations of Peter Parker, I would probably have avoided it because I would be like not much Spiderman in that, but no every where and everything screamed tons of action and all that, but nope, none this movie was junk. I would say rent it so you can watch the fight scenes and fast forward the pointless drivel delivered by an “All-star” Cast. Topher Grace easily steals the movie with his cocky attitude of Eddie Brock, but other than that this movie follows a trend in Hollywood where most 3rd movie of a trilogy sucks, Back to the future 3, Karate Kid 3 and Superman 3 now have a new comer Spiderman 3!

My Review 3/10 (1 point for every 10 min of decent movie time)
You like this style 8/10 great chick flick or date movie
You hate this 3/10 some as you can tell I am in that boat.

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