Saturday, May 5, 2007

All Systems GO!!!!


this is the FIRST, inaugural blog...i will answer questions than i will start my thang...
What is your name?
Well folks my name is Rami, you can call me Rams, or as my post name is Ramitron 5000
Why that name?
Why Not that Name!!! Came up with it to name my invented chair at a camp and it stuck, its a good rip of a Deltron 3030, now that i think about it....hmmmm let's all forget that
What is this blog about?
I will talk about Music i like and review CDs that come out, Any movies i see which isn't as frequent as i like, Talk about random junk i love from toys to shoes...its all fair game. Pretty much i will do something that i do for all my friends, tell them what I am into and what is good and exciting...
Anything we should know?
I will re frame from talking too much about bands i like a lot, it just would blow if this thing had the same bands brought up over and over, if you notice i do that STOP ME!!!

I will Start todays Blog with a band, a little known one, that seems to be Popping under the Radar, but this band's past CD Dog Problems, is one that not only have a recommended to almost everyone i know, but is something i think people really should Go out and Buy, because it is worth the money....If your not into buying Music, go get the shirts or go to the shows or do both, frankly looking back at it you can do all three if you want to, that would make them happiest i bet. The band in question is THE FORMAT!!!

I wont lie i first heard of this band a while back, but i decided to not bother, this is an approach i take with a lot of bands...but then i was listening to Himynameismark, the podcast by Mark Hoppus. He played their song "She Doesn't Get It" this song got stuck in my head that i went out and got their last two albums....I was simply blown away. I knew i heard some of these songs before but i didn't know it was by them, this made me really listen to the albums intensely.
The music is simply, smooth almost ballads at times, that are actually a good fit for almost anyone. If you like slight dance beat with soothing vocals and simple rhythms much like Hellogoodbye, check them out. I found this to be one of those CDs that every song could become your favourite song....which makes it hard to get by song 1 without hitting Repeat!
The album title references how the Lead Singer Nate Ruess and his then girlfriend would by a dog anytime they broke up. The band also consist of Sam Means their story is one that almost inspires up and comers to not give up. They have been Dropped by record labels more time than Britney Spear's Cooch need a night out to air dry. They then set-up their own Record Label entitled Vanity Records.
All in all, if you want my recommendations Time Bomb, I'm Actual, Snails and The Compromise are the Must Check out songs on the album, but frankly the whole Cd is amazing, so why not check it all out!
Well thanks for reading its a long one, i put some pictures to make it easier,
Hope you keep this thing happenin like Marty McFly when he went to how bitching was that orange vest....actually i really love his shoes in Back To the Future II!
also Happy Cinco De Mayo

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