Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Left out in the yard

Todays a musician who has been pretty much critically acclaimed by everyone who has heard his debut disc. He isn't a rock musician in fact he is a Trance artist whose work is not as hard as most trance. The artist is The Field

Right here i would put a picture unfortunately i can't find one of the man Axel Willne so instead i offer you all a picture of me looking for Mr Axel Willne
It is no shock to me that Trance music is slowly making its way into the mainstream, i saw this trend comin for a while now and i think this could be the disc that does the trick. For years you all have heard Tiesto, some have heard of Paul Van Dyke and other such artist, but the thing that made me shocked was my friend who is a huge trance nut had no idea who the Field was. This made me show his debut disc From Here We Go Sublime!

The disc first takes a bit of getting used to because lets be honest if you dont like this style its not gonna be your favourite. Its when you appreciate how he layers the songs and uses instruments delicately over the background drum beat that you realize its not just a trance song as much as it is an orchestrated ballad sans lyrics. I didn't know how i felt about it at first but the more and more i listen the more and more i like it, so i can see how they gave it such a high rating and why its everyone's favourite but at the same time i am not the biggest fan of this style. None the less you gotta give it up to a good album when its there infront of you, and this is one of them. I recommend putting this album on while driving at night downtown that is the right way to use this.
My Review 8/10
You like this style 9.8/10 its a little soft
You hate this style 6/10 you will find parts you like
I am sorry for the shortness of todays blog expect the same tomorrow because frankly i got too much work for the next couple of days so this is all i can do. appologies, Appologies all around.
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