Sunday, May 13, 2007

Truth is in the pictures

Now people don't go getting used to this two post in one day, i only post when i feel i saw something that made me laugh so hard it deserves a post. These pictures i saw on a friends Facebook account, i am a user but i prefer Myspace sooo much more, and they made me laugh both for two different reasons. Now if you haven't heard Warner bros. are no longer doin Advanced Screenings in Canada because of the piracy that occurs there and how they feel that the government needs to make it illegal to have a video camera in a theater. It makes sense and all but i mean i think there are other things to focus on than Piracy. Yes your losing lots of money, yes it hurts you business, but lets call a spade a spade your still making fuckin billions so sorry if your out some, but make better movies and people will go see your films, make better music people will buy your CDs. Its common sense, back in the day movies had quality and if it was a bad movie it was quickly pulled lately we been letting a lot of garbage on our screens and letting it go, for example, Norbit, Little Man and That new Jamie Kennedy Movie Kickin It Old School(i believe is the title). These are the type of movies that not only would get canned but would never get past the script phase. With music, well you read my last one, we are acknowledging that we know its fake and produced with machines, yet we still support it, like it or not Paris Hilton's voice only sounded some what good because it was layered. The fact is due to my insecurity of if a band will be good or not, i download music and if the cd is good i would go out and buy it, unfortunately in Egypt its like 150 pounds for a cd. In Canada however i am a huge believer in Buying cd's and i did have a huge collection until i moved. That said this is a cartoon that made me laugh.

The other Isn't really a picture as much as it is a transcript between Canadians And Americans. Its true and it goes to show you how stubborn Americans can get with us. I think its hilarious because almost every american i met has turned any statement into a pissing contest between me and him. I am not saying its only Americans but i am saying that you do do it a lot. Why else would you shell out that much for a Soccer player that is past his prime and will ultimately dominate your league. Just the old F you to the world and say we got more money. In the end i actually laughed pretty hard after this one so enjoy it in its glory!

My good man J Briggs sent me this video, which is just awesome on soo many levels living in Egypt i can relate to no one understanding you. Ch-check it out

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