Friday, May 25, 2007

Rosie, you are retarded.

Ok so today i have NO time, so instead i will shine light on an issue that is bothering me. SO the news i get here is the insiders, and i do tend to go to Perez Hilton when i am bored. Lately i been seeing her "blog" where she types up these ludacris Haiku's that have hidden meanings. I mean yay your doin something unique but when No One understands, doesnt that lose the point. So after she got into a heated fight with Elizabeth on the View, gods letter bomb to men, you'd expect something about the incident to shed light. Something remotely sane written, here's what you get:
a split screen
new heights
or lows
depending on who u ask

is this kelli
no rosie
well hello it is betsy
i saw the view today
and wanted to call u
and just say hi and i hope u r ok

betsy and i chatted
i thanked her
fed the geese
put on amy winehouse

always loud
the soul shakes
the heart awake

like it or not

tomorrow kelli turns 40
i will not be at work

peace out "

Look even when i am asleep i make more sense than this, and this is one of the better ones because i understood she listened to Amy Winehouse. Then when she has a lot of people all being like Elizabeth is a bitch, and you rule rosie, what does she do MILK IT. She stops goin to the view, replies to things in the Ask Ro section like this:
r u ok?
luv u Judy

i am sad judy
so sad

but i will b ok.

I am a person who used to watch the Rosie Show after school and dream of one day being pelted in the face with a koosh thing from her thrower. I always thought she had a certain level of class, when she started a fight with donald Everyone came to her defense, and neglected she started the fight. The only reason the view did so well is because Rosie would just pick on people like Paula Abdul, Elizabeth and all that. When you have 2-3 Democrates at a table and 1 republican, how is that an even level Playing ground. The only other thing that bugs me about rosie and she over does her homosexuality. I have never seen anything this bad, when kelly said to clay aiken "I dont know where those hands been honey" she calls her a Homophobe. I mean honestly it was a harmless joke and only someone looking to cause a scene would see it that way. Its things like that, that bug me. Isiah Washington says "No i did not call T.R. a faggot." HE said it to say he didn't say the word, but NO everyone gets up and arms because he used the word. What the hell is he to say, he was trying to clear the air and then he got in a worse position. All this political correct BS is something i can't stand anymore, your gay, thats great don't jam it down my throat and play the victim, because now if you have anything makin you a minority you pretty much are better off then being normal. America is trying to hard to please its minorities that it will go out of its way to prove its Politically Correct it will collapse on itself. The best part is i got a front row seat.
In conclusion Rosie grow up, you get paid to sit at a table and talk about the news, and even that you make it look like a chore. I personally am sick of celebrities complainin about doin something i would do for free. Unless the paparazzi is Always in your face, you dont have it rough, so at least have the audacity to not beg for sympathy when you were upset you wouldn't get paid 10 mill for 1 season.

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