Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beauty Sky of Blue

Today's album is one that I have had been ready to put up for about a week, just other CDs came along that i felt had more appeal to review. This band has won Grammy's and still manage to have a strong indie following, which is hard to do when you been around since 1994. The band is WILCO!!!

It has been 3 years since their last studio album, and with band members rotating like an intricate game of Musical chairs, you just need to know that Jeff Tweedy is still in the band. The band has released its latest album Sky Blue Sky!!!

To No Surprise the album is being hailed by almost everyone. Their sound is easy, take a little Bob Dylan, toss in some effects and random instruments and Bam! you got Wilco. That is what makes this band fun to listen to, that it reminds you of old bands like classic Stones, Bob Dylan or even The Beatles. What is different about this album is some of the tracks where formed during Jam Sessions, and not just written by Jeff Tweedy, this is clear when you hear some of the solos. This gives the album an almost unique touch and feels at times as if its under produced. The best sound is when an album isn't over or under produced, but feels almost Organically created, as if they went into jam turned on their gear and out came an album. Overall this album just screams good ol time rock from the piano in the background to the smoother than Peanut butter guitar riffs, its a great time.

MY Review 7.5/10
You like This Style 8.8/10
You Hate This Style 2/10

Yesterday i received some demos from a band called the Tenants. This is Steve St. Pierre's new group and man o man was it good to hear new stuff. I was worried at first what it would be like, because i was used to his solo stuff. Thankfully i found it to be just as good, i won't lie this is a band to check out. It sounds like alternative folk rock, part rock, part acoustic, part folk. That is honestly the only way i can describe it. Are you left wondering where to check em out, simple they shall be playing June 20th with Besnard Lakes at Zaphod's, this is part of the Capital Idea! Festival. Head over to for more information. Believe me when i say this is something worth checking out, Steve much like a bowl of cereal doesn't disappoint, unlike a bowl of cereal he also doesn't get soggy.

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