Monday, May 28, 2007

Ya, I guess this guys a Legend....

So todays artist is one the legends of metal. His name alone has become almost as big of a franchise as KISS. He grew recognition when him and most of his family decided to tape their lives, that or when he decided to eat a bat. Clearly we all know who i am talking about. Todays artist is
Ozzy Osbourne

Being one of the most prominent members of the metal movement, with the band Black Sabbath. The Ozzfest is one of the biggest tour in metal, hosting such bands as System of a Down, Hatebreed, Lamb of god and other such bands. Like it or not Black Sabbath is one of the most influence metal bands of all time. That said Ozzy's new disc is entitled:
Black Rain

This is said to be Ozzy's first recorded album that he was sober for. That is something i think is commendable, especially in the rock scene. The lyrics to this album are very positive and uplifting. You can tell that he has matured and is trying to reach out to fans. Unfortunately this is not my style, not for a long shot. This sounds like borderline 80's metal with the cheesy drumming and all. I feel if your a fan of Ozzy's you will find this album highly enjoyable, but I am not one to be a fan . His voice is also another thing that bothers me, you can tell its been smoothed out, yes i know ozzy has a screechy voice, but trust me this isn't it. The album is one of those OVER produced album which has no real energy. an album i wouldn't really plan on listenin to, but if you love the style by all means this would be a good album.

My Review 3/10
You like this style 7.8/10
You hate this style 3/10

Nothing to update on, sorry my life is dull, but lets talk about something big. THE STANLEY CUP FINALS ARE TODAY!!!! O baby Sens vs Ducks, who are you cheering for?! Who do you think will take it, do you think the sens will choke? Do you think Pronger will Finally get a ring. All this and more to be answered starting today! I am so excited it looks like i am smuggling raisins, in my know it!
anyways Watch Hockey, be Happy. Take care

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