Monday, May 21, 2007

NO Review But a Rant!

Music today, lately there are great albums coming out, and great artist to support. At the same time there is a lot that are getting exposure that shouldn't. Jessica Simpson i think learnt this the hard way. She had a mediocre Pop Career, she came 3rd after Britney and Christina. She than married the lead singer of the 3rd place pop group 98 degree and made a show. The show got her major attention due to her idiocy. Guys then noticed how attractive she is, she got some movie roles and Re-Launched her music career. Somehow people bought into it, her acting sucked ass, anyone who liked Dukes of Hazzard had absolutely no sense of what a good movie is. Its gotten to a point where she is slowly heading to a point of failure again.
Speaking of Failures, Britney Spears....She did her last ComeBack Tour show, the CD she was lip syncing to skipped a bunch and while dancing her mic broke and hung of her cheek...shockingly enough she tried to play it off like she wasn't lip syncing. People who supports this, who honestly buys tickets and feels satisfied. If i saw that i would honestly pelt her with bottles. Its funny if a punk band "sells out" they get Rocketed (bottles hucked at them while on stage) while playing a show. If a pop singer sells out, they get more money and still manage to get paid more than me. Ashlee simpson gets caught lip syncing her career plummets, Britney does the same thing and she gets her career Re-Launched...Anyone else notice a problem here, i prefer Ashlee over Britney i will admit that. So why does Ashlee get screwed and Britney not? Help me out folks.
Anyways this was a rant hope you enjoyed it.

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