Friday, May 25, 2007

Common Sense

Today's review isn't really a review as much as it is a preview. This artist is easily one of the most talented rappers around now. Gaining popularity in the mainstream of his last album "Be", It was no surprise to people in the know who he was. The man in question is Common!!!

What more can you say about Common, his worst album beats most Rappers Best albums. He has style and can just flow while makin it look casual and almost like second nature. He raps about it all from politics to woman, he can rap about it all and in a cohesive story at times much like in the song Testify. His latest album is set to be released July 10th and it is entitled Finding Forever!!!

I received a 7 song preview and its safe to say i am lovin it. Let's name check some producers on this project, Kanye [Check], Will.I.Am [Check], Devo Springsteen [Check] (he is responsible for John Legends stuff} and most notably J Dilla [Check]. Hey check it out, its a cd comin out soon with no Timbaland, never thought i would see the day. J Dilla was Common's roommate during his last stages of life, the bond between them is well documented. This album has just a great feel to it all, most unique part is the Produced track "Dream" which samples Martin Luther King Jr. speech, it definitely is one of those tracks i was quick to love. Like any good rap album their are guest appearances this one has D'angelo, Bilal, lily Allen and others as stated. This will be one of the top rap albums of the summer if your to ask me. I will have to confirm it when i get the full CD.
Obviously i won't rank an album i haven't fully heard, but i chose to atleast talk about it, because it is worth noting.
Right now in the 2 days prior to my next exam, send prayers while i send out blogs. take care

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