Sunday, May 6, 2007

Monkeys In My Ears and I Am Not Complaining

Todays post will be looking at a band that I felt blew up way too fast to be good. I was wrong, you know when a band just appears everywhere your intial reaction is ignore them its just some marketing know like The All-American Rejects, like them or not they kinda just showed up out of nowhere with "Swing Swing". They stayed around but not to the effect of this band, this band is actually ridiculously good and has a work ethic unseen since 2Pac, i mean when you die and still can release 7 records, all i can say to that is I hope Weezer are paying attention because their whole career is only 5..excluding B sides.....
The band In Question is none other than ARCTIC MONKEYS!!!
I think when Peter Crouch comes up with a Goal Celebration in honour of your song, its safe to say you made it....Peter Crouch is a forward on the English Soccer Team....just background knowledge.
Well the Monkeys unleashed their latest album called "Favourite Worst Nightmare".

I was expecting this album to be weak, simply due to quickness of release and that they are overly hyped and soon will fail...Yup i was wrong, but i was happy to say I LOVE IT!
Its faster, Harder, Smoother and makes it almost impossible to not move to..if its in an awkward robot or an aggressive air guitar i think its justified...that or i got your back.
The lead single was "Brainstorm" it starts in a much loader and hard surf rock drumming pattern,Note not actual Surf rock just rolling drums like you would find on a surf rock track, which quickly goes into the choppy Arctic Monkey style. Put it this way it grows on you, and its not really expected....which makes it that much sweeter.
the whole album flows actually quite well into one another, you have almost every style imaginable in this album of this genre.
This album is pretty much an album that if you like this style and their previous work, you will LOVE THIS, if you hate them and frankly can't stand them, try Fluorescent Adolescence..this track is a lot smoother and actually a catchy beat that i think most people will like...give em hell you don't like it, then well i understand not everything is for everyone.
I give this album an 7.8/10
for people who love the monkeys and cant get enough this would be a 10/10 in your minds trust me...
people who hate the monkeys you will think this is about a 4.3/10
There you go
Songs to check out, as stated above Fluorescent Adolescence, Teddy Picker, Balaclava and Old Yellow Bricks.

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