Sunday, May 20, 2007

5 is the Number

Today's band is one that i wasn't a big fan of, i just didn't have much care for them. No one can not say they didn't have their debut song stuck in the back of their head. "This Love" was one of the top songs of 2002 and due to its upbeat style and smooth vocals it made this band one of the powerhouse of Pop. the band is Maroon 5!!

The band one a handful of Best New Act, Best New Comers and Best song from the Grammy's to the MTV music Awards, so it is not surprise that the hype is being built behind their latest album. The sophomore album can be the kiss of death to your band, or the true establisher, with all that in mind the band unleashed their new album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long!

The album was one that i was actually excited to hear, because like it or not Adam Levine has a set up Vocal Chords that made Kanye West's song "Heard 'Em Say" a fan favourite. I quickly check to see if their are any collaborations or guest production from The Neptunes, Kanye or anyone at all. To my surprise, there is none its primarily just the band, I decide nuts to this lets give'r. The album starts with a build up that has a funk/R&B/80's Glam rock style. It is a high pump up song that just flows nicely and sounds like something you would hear at a party in the background. The Whole album flows very well on a whole, the wanted this album to have an 80's feel, which they really hit well. You can feel the vibes in every song and Thankfully there is no "She will be loved". I can say i really dislike that song and it was overly sappy, they avoided that style. The slowest would be "Won't Go Home Without You", However it has a the chord progression of a Police Song, and Vocals of Lionel Richie style. Something that caught me by surprise was the song "Nothing Last Forever" although it is slow as well, You might recognize the chorus. It is the chorus from Heard Em Say just with a whole song and no rapping or Kanye.
On a Whole The album is actually ridiculously good, i highly recommend it, the one thing i wanna say is, I REALLY HATE THE COVER ART. Seriously it just looks soo lame!
None the less, the album is a strong buy and secures their spot as Pop Darlings.

MY REVIEW 7.6/10
You Like This Style 9/10
You Hate This Style 6/10

There have been little blurbs from me, because i have nothing to discuss give me a month till i get something good happen. In Good News, My Hatred for Buffalo comes out huge with OTTAWA SENATORS GOIN TO THE CUP!!! I am a Leafs Fan, thats a known fact, but I am Canadian and I rather see Ottawa then Buffalo in the Cup. In fact i had a dream the night before that the sens would win in OT, i told everyone and low and behold SENS WIN IN OT! People don't doubt me, i am Psychic its a known Fact! I am hopin to see the Ducks vs The Sens, i think that would be dynamite Pronger, Neidermeyer, MacDonald, Getzlaf and Perry vs Fisher, Heatley, Alfie, Speeza and Redden....Ya i could see it now!
Congrats Ottawa And Guess WHAT! I found a place to watch the games in egypt so BOO YAH!!!!

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