Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Fountain Keeps Pouring

Todays blog is not really a recent review, in fact this is gonna be something i do every once and awhile this is an idea i had since i started this blog, its where i put one of my Essential CDs, they are albums i feel everyone needs to check out.
Basically this band is one that you might call a one hit wonder, unless you realize how much they have actually done. This band has done everything from work on music for movies to television...and they aren't done, having recently released their latest cd it was unfortunate it did not hit a high note with critics and fans alike, none the less the band that i feel needs some attention is Fountains of Wayne

The musical capabilities of this group is obviously clear with their constant ability to change styles all on the same disc. Adam Schlesinger Has also been involved with writing lyrics for such movies as That Thing You Do, Josie and The Pussycats and most recently Music and Lyrics, like it or not but we all had the song That Thing You Do in our heads at one point or another. It also begs the question how his joke band for a movie The Wonders gained more popularity than his own. That was until a certain song about a certain mother hit the airwaves and everyone named Stacy endured a constant insulting chant at the expense of their mom. The song Stacy's Mom made this album a hit but its the rest of the album that makes Welcome Interstate Managers one of my Must haves!

This album is the ultimate head down to the beach with friends anthem. You have it all mellow songs to sing at night by the campfire like the Highly Addictive Hey julie to the indie style Mexican Wine.
This album was critically acclaimed for good reasons, the lyrical stories told through each songs engages the listener to actually pay attention to how it unfolds. For those who thought that Sk8r Boi was the lyrical story of the decade are sadly mistaken, and sadly uninformed of what music is.
Bright future in sales tells the story of a man who clearly gets intoxicated at an office party and realizes that he needs to make it home and straighten up, pretty much leave his college days behind. That is just one example that shows they are not all hopeless love ballads or lover quarrels but rather simplistic stories of every day life that makes each song feel as if you can relate to it in a eerie manner.
Tv has been good to this band, that's for sure. All Kinds of Time was the song of choice for when Ryan and Marissa finally had their first date, how a song about a quarter back was appropriate only god knows, but The OC was so indie, please note sarcasm. Hey Julie was used in scrubs talking about J.D.'s catch of the week Julie, wouldn't you guess it, now that was a lot more appropriate. They have also done the theme song to Crank Yankers and Hey Joel, the short lived cartoon that till this day i dont quite know how i feel about it.
This is an album that i have seen the most ghetto people i know have a song or two on their I-pod. I think its safe to say this album has something for everyone so frankly I feel its something you need to go out and get!
My Review 10/10...thats right!

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