Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We all Make Choices....

I have some albums i want you too choose from, today their will be no review its day before exam you know the rule no blogs on these days, but What i will do i will tell you some options i have for what i will do next i can do a blog about another one of my Essential Albums, A Rant, A Chemical Brother Review or a Review on a little known band called Dugen. If you have any other albums i should check out tell me but the options are infront of you. You chose, i am just too bus right now.
Never to be one to leave you all empty handed I offer the New Kanye Song.
I absolutely love it, Haters to the left. It's a sick song but one thing you gotta listen to it loud! to fully appreciate it. Also people were commenting that he had to get a different produce to do this because he samples to much...well your an idiot because this is a sample from a Young Jeezy and if he samples soo much why is he one of the most wanted producers. Anyways through your diamonds up like you a bulimic.

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