Sunday, May 27, 2007

A True Legend

Today's artist, isn't just an artist, he is a man that changed music. If you haven't heard of his band then clearly you don't know much about music. He most recently appeared at the Grammy's along side Jay-Z and Linkin Park. He was the entire Half time Show of the Superbowl in 2002. The artist is a true musical hero of mine
Paul McCartney!!!!

I am certain you all have been hearing about drama in his divorce and what not, At first I debated doin this album, especially since he signed to Starbucks Record Label. The Album is:
Memory Almost Full!!!

The album has a great feel to it. I really was worried would this be something like Paul Needs Money album. Would this be just some album that i don't enjoy. I won't lie its just great, it is something that has just a vintage feel. The use of the strings at Only Mama Knows is amazing and how it all shifts into a Rock song, it's just sheer brilliance. This is an album i feel parents and kids would enjoy. I really can't see this being at all bad, this will not be a mainstream hit because think about it, do you see Paul McCartney being on the radio these days...maybe some stations but mostly not. However this is an album I highly enjoy and think is just great. Note that the production work is stellar and i think took McCartney in a direction at times he might not have gone on his own, so kudos to David Kahne. It's just hard for me to say anything bad about Paul McCartney, seeing how he is a hero of mine.

MY Review 8.2/10
You like this style 10/10
you hate this style 0/10 (this isn't a really crossing genre's album)

SORRY for the lateness of the blog, i fell asleep after my exam, i think it went ok....send prayers. I also would like to welcome my newest readers, My mom & Dad, so ya shout outs to them! Thanks for checkin this out.
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