Saturday, May 19, 2007

Acoustics of a Loud Sound

Todays music review is not just of one band, but of a Compilation that i recently got. It was released by Fearless records and is part of a large series that has been selling well for a while. The Album is Punk Goes Acoustic 2!

What is It about Punk covers that we always check them out. We all have heard one somewhere or another, whether it was one of New Found Glory's from the CD "From your Screen To Your Stereo" or from a live show, we all heard one. The good thing about this CD is that they aren't cover of other bands songs, but just their own bands songs done acoustically. This is nothing new for bands to do, whether they are b-sides or bonus songs it happens on albums.

Some are hits and some are misses, a lot are just plain ok. The main benefit of this thing is that you get to listen to the new up and comers in the punk game such as The Auditions, Say Anything and Set Your Goals. I find this album enjoyable but at times i really skip over some bands that i feel just aren't that great to be honest. If you know Anti-Flag, you know they dont have an acoustic sound, not by a long shot. The ones on this album i highly enjoyed were Bruised by Jack's Mannequin, Don't Be So Hard by The Audition, Who I am Hates Who I've Been by Relient K and Apology by Alesana.
This is a cd you will buy and quickly push to the side and never really make it back into rotation much like most Punk compilations, but for the most part i find its worth a listen because the songs that stick, stick well and the one's that don't, well they are plain annoying.

My Review 6.5/10
You like this style 7.7/10 Some songs just live you goin What the hell?!
You hate this style 2/10 a couple are still good/

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